Upon completion of this instructional multimedia website, learners will create a t-shirt using an original image design, a minimum of two colors, and two screens. The screened image will appear on one side of the garment with accurate registration that matches the original image.
Please click on any of the links on the left to view further instructions. Continue through each section by using the next and back button on the bottom. If you would like to exit at any time use the exit button at the bottom.
There are video clips that illustrate the process in critical areas--please view them.

This website is designed to viewed using a broadband connecion to the internet (T1, DSL or Cable Modem). It could also be viewed locally to decrease loading time of the video clips (ask your instructor for a CD). The video clips take approximately 60 seconds to load using a broadband cable connection--be patient when the video screen appears.

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